Transform Automated Software Testing

To thrive in today’s fast paced business you are on the hook to stay current with your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. With the right testing strategy you will be able to upgrade faster and lower your risk of disruptions.

Not only do you need to stay current, implementing new capabilities to continually add value to your users is equally important. 


Planning, testing and rolling out these high value capabilities are vital to advancing your business and keeping your users satisfied.         

Staying Current

Software updates are being released at an increasing cadence than ever before. The days of upgrading every few years are being replaced with monthly, quarterly or semi-annual updates. Without an automated testing strategy you are at risk of falling behind. Staying current is a business advantage, be sure you approach it with a sustainable, cost efficient plan.


A proper testing strategy will help you 

  • Shorten your testing cycle

  • Reduce the number of production issues

  • Reduce the man-hours needed for an update

  • Maximize your ROI by implementing new capabilities


Upgrades Have to go Smooth

Your business depends on your software. Disruptions are very costly and are dissatisfying to end users. When systems are down, normal operations get thrown into chaos. In order to minimize these disruptions while upgrading to a new version, a robust testing strategy is necessary.

Upgrades are no longer one time events, they are a regular occurrence. We help companies like yours with their upgrades by establishing predictable, repeatable programs that focus on ROI, automation and ensure the upgrade is a success.


Healthcare EMRs and Enterprise ERPs

With decades of experience developing, and testing these large enterprise software platforms we’ve been able to hone our approach to ensure your upgrade goes smooth.  


Within Healthcare we focus on EMRs and the Interfaces that connect other systems.

Across all industries we focus on the following ERPs

  • SAP

  • Microsoft Business Applications such as Dynamics 365, PowerBi

  • SalesForce

  • Oracle NetSuite

  • ServiceNow

  • Workday